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Why Choose GSM Technology

  • Easy to install and configure

  • Easy administration by text or call

  • Quickly add/delete caller IDs

  • No call costs to operate

  • Up to 4000 users stored

  • Remote control from anywhere

  • Reliable and easy to maintain

GSM Technology Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Lincolnshire and throughout the UK

Tired of losing and replacing your key fobs? Integrate GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) technology into your existing gates, garage door or traffic barrier so you can control them from anywhere in the world! We can supply a smart phone app which allows you to control your gate through your mobile device. Ask us about how this works and book in an installation today.

Automation specialistsAllow access from anywhere

By inserting a SIM card into one of these units, it has a unique phone number which can be called from any phone whether landline or mobile. When a call is made, the system reads the ‘Caller ID’ from the call and then compares the number to an internal list of authorised callers. If a match is found, the relay on board the unit is triggered.


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gsm technology

For all your automated and electric gate requirements in the North Lincolnshire area, ECB Automations is your first choice. We can provide all types of secure entry systems from gates, external doors, barriers 

and bollards, using the latest control technology and at a quick turnaround and competitive prices. View our previous work gallery and call us for a free estimate.